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Our Story

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We are a small, family-run business based in Lincolnshire, UK.  Our daily lives center around two energetic little boys, work and embracing family life.


Our name, Beeutiful Toys, stems from a combination of our Mancunian family heritage and our love of nature.  We have always spent much of our free time outdoors, enjoying nature, but since the birth of our second son we find ourselves spending hours exploring woodlands, strolling through parks and ambling along country tracks.  Nature is at the very heart of our family. 


Our focus upon nature and the environment has lead us to search for companies that also place these values at the heart of their products.  Many of our brands work tirelessly to create and manufacture ethical toys that support both local communities and the environment.


Thank you for reading more about us…we hope you love our Beeutiful toys as much as we do!

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